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Jess St. Louis

Coordinator, Program

Jess St. Louis (she/) is a lesbian femme-identified white trans woman & communications strategist who lives and loves in Greensboro, NC. She comes out of LGBTQ liberation, racial justice, and prison industrial complex abolitionist movements in the US South. She does this work out of a belief that communications and narrative strategy, alongside the organizing work that transforms people, as well as systems, is key to winning the battle for political imagination and experiencing freedom, real safety, and dignity for everyone in our towns, cities, and world we call home. Before ReFrame, she worked with the Center for Story-Based Strategy as a network associate and trainer, RoadMap Consulting, the US Human Rights Network, and the Racial Justice Action Center, in addition to other local and national clients. She has been a student with generative somatics for over 5 years and is a learning practitioner.

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