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Márquez Rhyne

Senior Advisor

A popular educator and multidisciplinary artist, Márquez Rhyne (they/them), uses art and culture to reimagine and to organize fair and inclusive societies. They apply these skills toward race, economics, gender, health, and labor in the United States and internationally. Producing participatory documentary media, they have addressed structural barriers to healthcare, HIV prevention and treatment. They train movement leaders across the globe how to wield the power of story, how to build narrative power, and the differences between them. Márquez has served as a team member at Narrative Initiative and as the founding Director of the Transmedia Story Lab at the University of Chicago. They also worked as a cultural strategist for Service Employees International Union and on the Education and the Development & Communications Teams at the Highlander Research & Education Center. They hail from Memphis, Tennessee, and know all the good barbecue and wing spots despite being a vegan.

Group shot of ReFrame's in-person Academy participants on stairs in front of Loudermilk Center

Narrative Infrastructure: The Heartbeat of ReFrame's 2023 Academy

November 1, 2023

In a time of such incredible tumult and uncertainty, it is sometimes alluring to say ”if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” and we know as justice workers running campaigns, programs and projects of all types we need to not just make sure our work isn’t broken but ask ourselves what is actually needed in this time. What is actually being asked of us to meet this moment?

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