Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass: ReFrame's 2022 Narrative Predictions

We are excited to launch our inaugural 2022 Narrative Predictions! Our devoted team of researchers and strategists tracked everything from COVID-19 to pop culture moments, labor organizing to America’s perception in order to support strategists with real-time, data-driven insights into the narrative landscape. 

Our predictions reflect the transitional moment we are in. In the last two years, we have faced uncertainty, chaos, fear, mourning and trauma. This has been a generation’s looking glass moment. Covid-19 turned  the way we live upside down and shook loose the ideas, beliefs, and values we have about  how society should be organized.

Through the Looking Glass is a compilation of predictions, narrative insights, opportunities and risks for anyone seeking to build narrative power in service of liberation and justice. We hope that it will be a useful guide to your work in 2022. 

Read or listen to the full report here

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