Vertigo Variations: ReFrame's 2024 Narrative Predictions

Vertigo Variations explores the intricate tapestry of the economy, the complexities of war, the dynamics of the upcoming elections, the evolving landscape of labor and work, the transformative influence of technology and AI, and the ever-shifting realms of pop culture and sports.

Picture this: It's a crisp morning, and you’re making your way to work, pondering surging gas prices, calculating ways to support your family financially, and hoping that rumors of a recession are just that — rumors. The week’s headlines bombard you from all angles – George Santos' Cameo prices skyrocket, SCOTUS decides to go after the abortion pill, a group of workers go back to work after winning a better contract, and Yoshinobu Yamamoto gets courted by MLB dynasties.

Meanwhile, in cyberspace, you have a YouTuber boldly denouncing the Pantone Color of the Year, an Instagram influencer preaching the Marie Kondo treatment for holiday decor, anons on Reddit already talking about budget-friendly holiday gifts for next year, and a TikToker guides your local group of friends or fellow organizers in vision-boarding for the new year. If it feels like we’re living in multiple realities simultaneously, we are. Our fragmented media landscape means we often are not having the same conversations with the same information on top of many voices vying to make sense of similar and different stories. 

No wonder the vibe is chaotic.

The narratives shaping our lives have continued to evolve in unexpected ways. Cultural tides ebb and flow and the unpredictable currents of global events have created a dynamic tapestry that demands our attention and strategic foresight. We are thrilled to announce Vertigo Variations, Reframe’s 2024 Narrative Predictions

Our yearly narrative predictions serve as a beacon in an age characterized by uncertainty and information overload. ReFrame’s narrative predictions are strategic tools to empower you with insights into narrative themes, risks, and opportunities. We hope it becomes an essential tool as you navigate the complex narrative terrain of the future.

Our prediction reports have been on the money for the last two years. We predicted the rise of the multipolar world and watched the BRICS alliance push back against Western dominance on the global stage. We forecasted the erosion of trust in government, institutions, and elected officials and kept a pulse on the seemingly unending stories highlighting corruption and fraud. Narrative predictions provide a roadmap for understanding the evolving landscape of democracy, our economy, and society at large. We are eager to share our findings with you and engage in a dialogue that shapes the narrative landscape in service of justice, equity and liberation.

Check out  Vertigo Variations ReFrame's 2024 Narrative Predictions here and join us in February for our 2024 Narrative Predictions Launch Event, where you will meet and hear from our strategists about how we came to these predictions and more. 

If you can’t make it or want to let us know what you think may unfold in 2024 please drop us a line at You can also give us direct feedback! 

Your continued support and engagement are crucial as we collectively navigate the unpredictable waters of 2024.

Happy New Year!

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